A kitchen is a major purchase. Before you even think about ordering one, do your research, gather information about your options and think carefully about what you really want. Poor planning is costly and, once you’ve made your decision and your kitchen is finished, you can’t easily go back and change it. Our top tips will guide you as you think about your options…

1. Make sure the design is thorough

With a bespoke kitchen you have unlimited options for the design – so you can get really creative! Your kitchen is all about you – not the designer – so make sure your designer is a good listener. He or she will ask you lots of questions about your home and your lifestyle, to build up a clear picture of how your kitchen needs to work for you. The more information you can provide the better. Your input is critical, so it’s a good idea to think carefully about the functionality you want before you meet the designer. Talk about it with the rest of the family – or whoever will actually be using the kitchen.

2. Collect pictures and ideas

Imagine yourself walking through your new kitchen. How does it look? What aromas can you smell? How do the surfaces feel? What sounds can you hear? If you find that difficult to do, look through some magazines and cut out pictures of kitchens that inspire you. Just for the moment, forget about any financial constraints. Just see what you like and don’t like. It helps you shape your ideas. Then, afterwards, you can look at what’s available within your price range. Take a look around some kitchen showrooms, too, and jot down the features and colours that appeal – even if your kitchen space is small. Talk to friends about their kitchens and find out what works well for them and what doesn’t.

3. Make sure you have enough storage

Plan your storage needs right at the start – and never underestimate how much you need! These days there are new systems and technologies available that allow you to access every item in the kitchen quickly and easily – including those bits and bobs that might currently be right at the back of a drawer or in a dark corner of a low cupboard! It means you no longer have to get down on your hands and knees to find them. Talk to your designer about this – and about how you can design your storage in better ways.

Understand how you like to cook

Each one of us is different – and we each cook for different reasons. Perhaps you’re a bit of a culinary whizz and you love cooking up new and interesting dishes for friends – or just for yourself. Feed your passion with a kitchen that suits. Maybe you like cooking as a social activity, bringing people together to eat and drink. Or perhaps you really don’t like cooking that much at all, but you need somewhere you can prepare or serve quick meals as and when you have to. The best kitchen designs accommodate these differences. (You may find you enjoy cooking more as a result…)

Decide what kind of ‘personality’ your kitchen has

Everyone’s kitchen is different – and we each want something slightly different from it. Yours may have people coming in and out all the time (whether they live in your house or not!). Conversely, your kitchen may be a much quieter place with a totally different ambiance. Alternatively, you may like everything to be really high-tech with the latest music and entertainment systems built in. Think about how ‘multi-purpose’ your kitchen is – and how that needs to be reflected in the new design.

Look ahead in years

It’s important to plan ahead to get the most from your kitchen investment. Pregnancy and having children will affect the way you need to use your kitchen. If you’re older in years, you may want to plan ahead for when movement may become more difficult or when it’s more difficult to deal with fiddly door and drawer handles. Ask you designer about the various options.

Ask about lower-cost options

Don’t assume that the most expensive things are always the best. Ask about lower-cost options and alternative materials. You may be surprised how far your finances will stretch. Equally, make sure you don’t have things in your design that you don’t really need.


To plan your dream kitchen we consider all your needs and wishes, and perhaps even the desires you haven’t thought about yet. A great way to do this is through a design consultation, which is we offer for free with no obligations to buy.

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Are you left or right-handed? And has your designer taken this into account? The optimum ‘work-flow’ in your new kitchen will accommodate this for the main user.

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