Rediscover the pleasure of spending time in your kitchen

Meet, greet, cook, eat, socialise, work, chat, clean, watch TV, celebrate, enjoy, relax… What do YOU do in your kitchen?

You spend an average of at least 2 hours per day in the kitchen and you undertake around 360 different ‘operations’ or actions in a kitchen every day. Over the lifetime of a medium or large kitchen, you walk literally hundreds of miles between the various work units.

That’s why, in all our designs, we incorporate ‘ergonomics’ – the science of designing space and equipment for maximum quality and freedom of motion for the people using it

Where to start


Today’s kitchen technologies and innovations mean your new kitchen can work in perfect harmony with your home and your lifestyle.

You might come across kitchen designers who talk about the ‘work triangle’. By this they mean how the sink, cooker (or hob) and fridge are positioned. The problem with this is that, for small kitchens, it’s of little value because of the restricted space.

For larger kitchens, too, it’s not the best basis for a design, because it takes no account of how you use your kitchen. A skilled designer creates work areas for different activities, instead: preparing food… cooking food… entertaining friends… washing and cleaning… storing everything… enjoying a coffee… feeding the cat… doing homework or catching up on paperwork… Your kitchen design should allow you to do whatever you want to do.

Enjoy ‘dynamic space’

We plan our designs around 5 key kitchen ‘zones’, for better ergonomics, storage, access, motion and work-flow:

  • Consumables (all your groceries)
  • Non-consumables (crockery, cutlery, miscellaneous kitchen items, papers and pens, etc)
  • Cleaning (sink, dishwasher, waste disposal, cleaning products)
  • Preparation (utensils, spices, chopping and mixing equipment, etc)
  • Cooking (hob, utensils, microwave, pot and pans, cookery books, etc)


We look at what you need and why, and how it will all work together. Bread maker, coffee machine, wok, juicer, breakfast bar – whatever you need, we look at how we can work it into the design. The most important consideration in planning space is storage and, with our designs, you’ll love how accessible everything is!


To plan your dream kitchen we consider all your needs and wishes, and perhaps even the desires you haven’t thought about yet. A great way to do this is through a design consultation, which is we offer for free with no obligations to buy.

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What Our Customers Say

  • A Fantastic service...
    When we met Michael at the first consultation we knew he could help us to achieve the kitchen we wanted. He kept us updated throughout the process, worked incredibly hard and fitted a lovely new kitchen to a very high standard. A fantastic service, thank you.
    – Mr & Mrs Davenport - Stagsten Road, Bromham
  • Looks fabulous...
    Dear Michael, Apologies for the delay, I have transferred the final kitchen balance on line for you. The kitchen looks fabulous; Steve and I are really pleased with the final result. Many thanks.
    – Mr & Mrs Ward - Wootton Green
  • Effect very pleasing...
    Dear Michael.
    Please find our enclosed cheque. The floor tiling is coming on, and the whole effect is so pleasing, thank you for help in realising our project.
    – Mr & Mrs Maisey, High top Barns, Yielden.
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Combine style, functionality and durability

We use the best quality components, including easy-open, silent-close drawers with adjustable dividing systems. We produce inventive designs for spaces large and small. We take you through a host of questions and options including:

  • ventilation, heating and solar gain
  • ceiling space and utility rooms
  • kitchen islands – multi-functional features for preparation, casual dining and storage (and perfect for a well-stocked wine rack underneath!)
  • lighting and natural light – so you can turn a working kitchen into an intimate dining area at the flick of a switch
  • phone, TV and internet access, as needed
  • doors, windows and flooring
  • green considerations – environmentally-friendly materials and sustainably-sourced wood, energy-efficient appliances and recycling stations

…and MUCH more – right down to the detail of the taps and where to put your newspaper!

To talk through your kitchen design ideas, simply call Michael: 01234 843 753