Design Process

As well as showing you a wide range of kitchen designs we’ll help you identify the design style that suits your taste and preferences, whether it’s a stunning contemporary design or a more traditional timeless design.

When it comes to designing the layout, we use a design principle called ‘Dynamic Space’ which makes your life easier:

Sufficient storage space - make sure that there is ample space for everything that you need.

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Ergonomic aspects

The kitchen is, without a doubt, the most important work area in the household, and kitchen users spend a lot of time here.


A dynamic space kitchen design

Your kitchen is the most hard-working room in your house. That’s why we base our designs on the principles of ’dynamic space’ (LINK) – to make moving around and using your kitchen more efficient and enjoyable a dynamic space design kitchen design is more comfortable and ergonomic.


Planning proper storage space

The basis for a well-planned kitchen is first determining the personal storage space requirement. This depends on lifestyle shopping behaviour as well as how often cooking takes place.


Prepare for the Design process

Today’s kitchen offers far more in terms of design and ergonomics than ever before. The more the kitchen designer knows about your requirements and desires the better equipped he is to design a kitchen that incorporates all the functions and facilities you need. That’s why it’s important for you to be well prepared for your consultation meeting.



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